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Sponorship Information

Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor at the Largest Floating Sound Bath in Texas. Float Across Texas offers an incredible way to gain exposure for your brand. Don't miss this unique opportunity to reach new customers!



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Becoming a sponsor and advertising with Float Across Texas provides a great way for your business to get exposure and be involved with this great and unique event! We offer different levels of sponsorship that allow you to advertise your business in a unique and meaningful way.​ Scroll down below and click the button "Choose Sponsor Option"

Why Partner with Us?

#FloatAcrossTexas is an event where we partner with organizations across Texas to bring this event to every major city. With massive reach and engagement, community and charity integration as well as we have extensive marketing channels through the Organizations we partner with.

Event Sponsorship

Feature your brand prominently, whether it be on our website, in print, or digitalized on social media, together we have a vast social platform and awareness across all channels and partnerships.

  • Sponsored logo on Se7en Waves Website as well as #FloatAcrossTexas page


Enhance your brand's community image by aligning with our charity initiatives. #FloatAcrossTexas community-oriented nature offers a platform for meaningful engagement and corporate social responsibility.

Metric & On-site Activations

Engage with attendees directly at the event should you choose to attend. Ship or drop off any marketing materials for us to provide on our sponsorship table while people embark on their floats.

  • 90% female attendees

  • 4 Major Texas metropolitan areas

  • Website attracting visitors providing additional branding opportunitie

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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