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Danielle Thibodeaux is a certified sound healer and innovative entrepreneur, renowned for being the stewardess of Dallas / Fort Worth’s Luxury Floating Sound Baths. With a Master’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Women in Leadership and a deep passion for holistic wellness, Danielle has skillfully blended her business acumen with her commitment to healing practices to create a unique wellness experience that caters to the modern seeker of tranquility and restoration.

Danielle’s journey into sound healing began after she experienced its transformative effects firsthand. This profound encounter led her to pursue a certification in sound healing, where she learned various modalities including Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal bowls, Chimes, Drums, and Gongs to name a few. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing the Handpan and her flute and enjoying jamming out with her family. Her approach is deeply personal and reflective of her belief and within her transformation that sound healing can facilitate profound emotional and physical transformations.

Se7en Waves' Luxury Floating Sound Baths, under Danielle’s leadership, offers a one-of-a-kind experience where participants can immerse themselves in the healing frequencies of sound while gently floating in water, enhancing the therapeutic effects. This innovative concept has not only set a new trend in wellness practices in other states but has also garnered a devoted following that values both luxury and well-being. 

Danielle is not just a practitioner but an advocate for sound healing, often speaking at wellness events and contributing to health and lifestyle publications both in Houston and Dallas. Her sessions are known for their meticulous attention to comfort, providing individual vibrations, and using high-quality, immersive soundscapes that encourage deep healing and relaxation.


Her professional background in business and her visionary approach to wellness have allowed Danielle to create a sanctuary where clients can find balance and peace in their hectic lives. As she continues to expand her practice and explore new dimensions of sound therapy, Danielle remains committed to offering transformative experiences that nurture the body, mind, and soul.

Danielle Thibodeaux, Certified Sound Healer
Water Ripples
Se7en Waves Individual Vibrational Session
Mission Statement

Our mission is to elevate consciousness through sonic wellness, offering a sanctuary where individuals can explore the depths of their being, awaken their potential, and embrace a harmonious existence.

Se7en Waves Vision Statement
Vision Statement

Envisioning a realm of unparalleled luxury and serenity, Se7en Waves sets the standard for transcendent relaxation through our sound baths. Our vision is to create an oasis where guests immerse themselves in opulent surroundings, cocooned in the embrace of soothing vibrations, and emerge rejuvenated, refreshed, and reconnected with their inner essence.

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